data OProxy :: Ordering -> Typedata OProxy ordering

Value proxy for Ordering types Deprecated: Use Type.Proxy instead



class IsOrdering :: Ordering -> Constraintclass IsOrdering ordering  where

Class for reflecting a type level Ordering at the value level




reifyOrdering :: forall r. Ordering -> (forall proxy o. IsOrdering o => proxy o -> r) -> r

Use a value level Ordering as a type-level Ordering


class Append :: Ordering -> Ordering -> Ordering -> Constraintclass Append lhs rhs output | lhs -> rhs output

Append two Ordering types together Reflective of the semigroup for value level Ordering



append :: forall proxy l r o. Append l r o => proxy l -> proxy r -> Proxy o


class Invert :: Ordering -> Ordering -> Constraintclass Invert ordering result | ordering -> result

Invert an Ordering



invert :: forall proxy i o. Invert i o => proxy i -> Proxy o


equals :: forall proxy l r o. Equals l r o => proxy l -> proxy r -> Proxy o

Re-exports from Prim.Ordering


data Ordering :: Type

The Ordering kind represents the three possibilities of comparing two types of the same kind: LT (less than), EQ (equal to), and GT (greater than).


data LT :: Ordering

The 'less than' ordering type.


data GT :: Ordering

The 'greater than' ordering type.


data EQ :: Ordering

The 'equal to' ordering type.