Wraps Javascript's RegExp object that enables matching strings with patterns defined by regular expressions. For details of the underlying implementation, see RegExp Reference at MDN.


data Regex

Wraps Javascript RegExp objects.



regex :: String -> RegexFlags -> Either String Regex

Constructs a Regex from a pattern string and flags. Fails with Left error if the pattern contains a syntax error.


source :: Regex -> String

Returns the pattern string used to construct the given Regex.


flags :: Regex -> RegexFlags

Returns the RegexFlags used to construct the given Regex.


renderFlags :: RegexFlags -> String

Returns the string representation of the given RegexFlags.


parseFlags :: String -> RegexFlags

Parses the string representation of RegexFlags.


test :: Regex -> String -> Boolean

Returns true if the Regex matches the string. In contrast to RegExp.prototype.test() in JavaScript, test does not affect the lastIndex property of the Regex.


match :: Regex -> String -> Maybe (NonEmptyArray (Maybe String))

Matches the string against the Regex and returns an array of matches if there were any. Each match has type Maybe String, where Nothing represents an unmatched optional capturing group. See reference.


replace :: Regex -> String -> String -> String

Replaces occurrences of the Regex with the first string. The replacement string can include special replacement patterns escaped with "$". See reference.


replace' :: Regex -> (String -> Array (Maybe String) -> String) -> String -> String

Transforms occurrences of the Regex using a function of the matched substring and a list of captured substrings of type Maybe String, where Nothing represents an unmatched optional capturing group. See the reference.


search :: Regex -> String -> Maybe Int

Returns Just the index of the first match of the Regex in the string, or Nothing if there is no match.


split :: Regex -> String -> Array String

Split the string into an array of substrings along occurrences of the Regex.