data BProxy :: Boolean -> Typedata BProxy bool

Value proxy for Boolean types Deprecated: Use Type.Proxy instead



class IsBoolean :: Boolean -> Constraintclass IsBoolean bool  where

Class for reflecting a type level Boolean at the value level




reifyBoolean :: forall r. Boolean -> (forall proxy o. IsBoolean o => proxy o -> r) -> r

Use a value level Boolean as a type-level Boolean


class And :: Boolean -> Boolean -> Boolean -> Constraintclass And lhs rhs out | lhs rhs -> out

And two Boolean types together



and :: forall proxy l r o. And l r o => proxy l -> proxy r -> Proxy o


class Or :: Boolean -> Boolean -> Boolean -> Constraintclass Or lhs rhs output | lhs rhs -> output

Or two Boolean types together



or :: forall proxy l r o. Or l r o => proxy l -> proxy r -> Proxy o


class Not :: Boolean -> Boolean -> Constraintclass Not bool output | bool -> output

Not a Boolean



not :: forall proxy i o. Not i o => proxy i -> Proxy o


class If :: forall k. Boolean -> k -> k -> k -> Constraintclass If bool onTrue onFalse output | bool onTrue onFalse -> output

If - dispatch based on a boolean



if_ :: forall proxy b t e o. If b t e o => proxy b -> Proxy t -> Proxy e -> Proxy o

Re-exports from Prim.Boolean


data True :: Boolean

The 'True' boolean type.


data False :: Boolean

The 'False' boolean type.