The Prim.Symbol module is embedded in the PureScript compiler. Unlike Prim, it is not imported implicitly. It contains automatically solved type classes for working with Symbols.


class Append (left :: Symbol) (right :: Symbol) (appended :: Symbol) | left right -> appended, right appended -> left, appended left -> right

Compiler solved type class for appending Symbols together.


class Compare (left :: Symbol) (right :: Symbol) (ordering :: Ordering) | left right -> ordering

Compiler solved type class for comparing two Symbols. Produces an Ordering.


class Cons (head :: Symbol) (tail :: Symbol) (symbol :: Symbol) | head tail -> symbol, symbol -> head tail

Compiler solved type class for either splitting up a symbol into its head and tail or for combining a head and tail into a new symbol. Requires the head to be a single character and the combined string cannot be empty.